Wisdom Medical Inc.

Allow us to introduce to you Wisdom Medical, Inc.  And we are here to earn your business, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your medical equipment and supplies.
                                                                                                                                                                               Wisdom Medical has been supplying medical professionals, healthcare clinics, healthcare facilities, insurance carriers etc, with quality medical equipment, and supplies.  Due to low overheads and being locally based, we are able to offer the same low prices, and exceptional customer care directly to you and your family.

Wisdom Medical Inc, is here to help make buying your medical supplies easier than ever.  We are in the network of the industry's top suppliers of medical equipment.

At Wisdom Medical Inc, it's not just about product selection, but friendly customer service, fast delivery and everyday low prices.  We're a company of people dedicated to helping you find the right medical product to fit your individual needs and help improve the quality of your life.

Our mission is to offer our customers the benefits of purchasing from a distributor, as well as the advantage of having only the best product from the world's leading equipment manufacturers.  We have committed ourselves to providing more of what the healthcare industry needs everyday.  We are partnering with the best in the industry to expand our product line with a wide range of top quality products used by healthcare providers most often.

Every year, businesses spend billions of dollars on medical supplies.  Whether you buy from one or several dealers, you should expect the best when making a buying decision from your local dealer, more so, Wisdom Medical, Inc.

Even purchasing a wheelchair can be a difficult and sometimes overwhelming task, especially your first one.  Be sure to consult with an occupational or physical therapist.  At Wisdom Medical, Inc.  Our friendly staff will help guide you through this daunting initial process.

We are distributors of some of the best manufacturers in the industry, like:  Invacare, Pride Mobility Product, Mckesson, Cardinal Health Products, Drive Healthcare Products and many more.

However, our general merchandise section incorporates janitorial, Sanitary, and food service products.  We offer you the opportunity of buying at lower whole-sale prices delivered to your door; than big name stores without membership fees or cards.  This we consider a big boom for convenience stores, healthcare facilities, restaurants, & cleaning companies.  Do call or visit us first for all your party supplies.

If we don't have it in stock, we will source it out for you.
We are looking forward to earning your business.

Wisdom Medical, Inc.

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